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Calgon Carbon

Calgon Carbon is the world’s leading manufacturer of activated carbon with manufacturing centres in the USA and Europe. Calgon Carbon first started manufacturing activated carbon products in 1940 and has been a pioneer in developing advanced products for water, air and industrial uses. Calgon Carbon product portfolio now encompasses more than 700 direct market applications with more than 100 different types of activated carbon. From drinking water and waste water treatment, to water recycling, to odour control, to chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, you can be assured that Calgon Carbon has the experience and capabilities to provide you with the right choice of product.

  • Raw water Treatment (Aquacarb 607c, LSI Series)
  • Wastewater Treatment (Filtrasorb, HPC Series, Pulsorb)
  • Mercury Removal (HGR-P, HGR-LH)
  • Volatile organic compound removal (Envirocarb 207c)
  • Acid gas removal (STI-X, Centaur)
  • Amine purification (SGL Series, Sorbamine)
  • Purification & separation (AP4-60, Fluepac)
Types of Calgon Activated Carbon Used in Petrochemical & Application.

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